QRL Grants Programme

Funded grants aim to support the QRL ecosystem and are particularly welcome in the areas of open source tools, education, open source infrastructure, post-quantum research, community and public goods.

Grants may be of two types: small or large.

Small grant applications (up to 30,000 CHF) are welcome throughout the financial year.

Larger grants will be awarded in specific funding rounds throughout the year.

All grant recipients will be expected to produce a report of their activities.

In future, a register of awarded grants and the reports provided to the Foundation may be found on the Reports page.

Larger Grant applications for Round 2, 2023 are now closed. Round 2 grant reviews will take place throughout September 2023 and successful applicants will be notified thereafter.

Round 3 grant applications will open in January 2024.

To apply for a grant to build your project/contribution within the QRL ecosystem please submit your application here.

Grant applications should include:

  • An outline of your planned project
  • A proposed roadmap, timeline and budget with milestones for funding
  • How your planned project benefits the QRL ecosystem, decentralisation and public good in line with the Foundation aims
  • Please note we are legally required to perform KYC before transferring funds to successful grant applicants. We will need to know your real identity, address and, in the case of corporate applications, entity registration details. This information can be kept confidential outside of the few members of the Foundation team involved in KYC processing, and either a pseudonym can be used or your name omitted entirely in any public-facing documentation.

      A list of suggested project ideas, curated by the community will be maintained below:

    • TBA: please contact us to add your suggestion