The QRL Foundation

Supporting open-source post-quantum blockchain development

The QRL Foundation (die QRL Stiftung) is a not-for-profit organisation with a mission to support open source quantum resistant distributed ledger technology.


The QRL Foundation supports developers around the globe who contribute to post-quantum blockchain open source software

QRL Node 

Python and Go implementations of the first-of-its kind Post-Quantum secure blockchain node

Python Github / Go Github 
Getting started 

Mobile wallet

An iOS and Android wallet to interact with the QRL blockchain on mobiles devices.

Currently under beta testing prior to release. 


Hardware wallet integration

A Ledger Nano S app implements hardware security.


Web wallet

A web portal to interact with the QRL blockchain.  All wallet data is kept by the user, with only signed transactions being distributed to the decentralised QRL network.

Live site 

Blockchain explorer

The portal to view the contents of the QRL blockchain

Live site 


The QRL Foundation supports academics in the post-quantum blockchain field

Research fields include PQ messaging, smart contracts, consensus mechanisms and identity.


Preparing the infrastructure of today for the technology of tomorrow requires expertise.  The QRL Foundation supports the creation and distribution of educational resources to enable businesses and governments to increase their operational resilience.

The Quantum Threat

Coming soon

QRL Documentation

Participation in the first decentralised PQ blockchain network


Build blockchain applications on a rock-solid post-quantum secure core


Connecting the open source community with business and enterprise

The QRL Foundation recognises the importance of collaboration in future-proofing infrastructure and supports the networking of open-source advocates with business and enterprise.